Ecomill is the Italian equity crowdfunding platform authorized by Consob through which people, households and firms can finance and buy shares of projects and new ventures in the energy, sustainability, regeneration and local economic development. Ecomill supports sustainability, innovation and participation.


Equity crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding is an innovative form of financing by which a project or a venture raises money from a large number of people via internet.

Ecomill offers to the promoters of a new project or venture in energy and sustainability the possibility to raise capital and get funded, and to people and firms the possibility to participate to the project investing even a small amount of money .

The equity crowdfunding is in Italy regulated by Consob, the Italian financial regulator (delibera n. 18592 del 26.06.2013, published in G.U. 12.07.2013). Start up Innovative and PMI Innovative (as regulated by Decreto Legge n.3 del 24/01/2015) can raise money on an equity crowdfunding platform. Consult the regulation and contact us for more information.

How it works


Do you have an idea for an innovative venture in energy and environment? Are you a technology provider or a developer of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects? Are you a supplier of environmental services? Ecomill offers you the possibility to present your project online to a large community with which you’ll be able to interact and raise capital. Contact us for more information.


Are you interested in investing in innovative ventures and in shared ownership of projects in energy and sustainability? Ecomill offers you the chance to invest and become a shareholder of new ventures in these fields.

Moreover, you’ll be able to benefit from interesting tax credits: tax allowance for individuals (30%) and tax deduction for legal persons (30%) (Decreto Legge 18.10.2012 n.179). Subscribe to our newsletter to keep informed.


Ecomill promotes investments in projects and ventures in energy and sustainability, among which:

  • renewables and distributed generation;
  • energy efficiency;
  • smart grids and district heating;
  • sustainable mobility;
  • biotecnology;
  • environmental services.

Ecomill is also open to project in the social sector, regeneration and local economic development.

Propose a project

Do you have a project to propose? Get in contact and we will send you more information on the steps needed to publish your project on our platform.

Who we are

We are a team of professionals with longstanding experience and passion in energy, legal, business development and crowdfunding. We believe in the potential of crowdfunding and shared ownership approaches to offer an alternative funding opportunity to new ventures in energy and sustainability, while maximizing positive spillover effects on national economy and social participation.

We guarantee high quality experience and support to entrepreneurs and investors (also thanks to our wide professional network), both in the provisional analysis and support for the development of the projects and during the launch of their crowdfunding campaign. Our objective is to quickly become a reference point for new projects and ventures in the sector and for their relative communities.

On our way

Ecomill has been authorizeb by Consob (the Italian financial regulator) to operate as an equity crowdfunding platform.
We will be launching in the second half of 2018.
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To get in contact write to:

We are in Milan, Via Stradivari 3.


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